common plecostomus fish care size tank mates and

common plecostomus fish care size tank mates and
common plecostomus fish care size tank mates and Projects

FeedbackCommon Plecostomus Fish Care,Size,Tank Mates,and

8 rows·Plecostomus - Pleco Fish Care,Size,Life Span,Tank Mates May 14,2020·These fish will grow to the size of the tank and if bought young are suitable for tanks of about 10 gallons in size.They are excellent for cleaning the tank as they suck up much of the dirt on the bottom of the tank.If you have ornaments in the aquarium you will find the fish will attach itself to them in all different hanging positions. What should I know about the common pleco?What should I know about the common pleco?Youll learn about their diet,ideal tank size,tank mates,lifespan,size,and more! Lovingly referred to as a Sucker Fish in many circles,the Common Pleco (scientific name Hypostomus plecostomus) is a freshwater aquarium staple! These fish have been in the trade for decades and continue to captivate fish enthusiasts.Common Pleco Care Diet,Size,Lifespan,Tank Size

When is the best time to feed a plecostomus?When is the best time to feed a plecostomus?As mentioned above,plecos can also demolish live plants as well.As the plecostomus is a nocturnal fish,they are most active at night time.This means they need a few safe spots in the tank where they can hide during the day.What do plecos eat? Your plecostomus will eat algae in your tank,but that should only make up a part of its diet.Common Plecostomus Fish Care,Size,Tank Mates,and Which is the best tank mate for bristlenose pleco?Which is the best tank mate for bristlenose pleco?15 Best Bristlenose Pleco Fish Tank Mates (Beginner Friendly) 1 1.Guppy Fish.Guppy Fish.Guppies are among the most popular fish breeds across the entire globe.Beginner and veteran aquarists as well,like them 2 2.Molly Fish.3 3.Platy Fish.4 4.Swordtail Fish.5 5.Corydoras.More items15 Best Bristlenose Pleco Fish Tank Mates (Beginner Friendly)10 Safe Betta Fish Tank Mates Companions Bettafish

Apr 03,2019·Tank Size 10-Gallons or More.Despite advising betta fish owners to avoid tank mates with bright colors,the neon tetra can do well with betta fish because of their speed.In your community tank you will need to add more than one,as neon tetras prefer to school in packs of 6 to 10.

100 Gallon Fish Tank Guide Stocking Ideas,Setup and More

Jan 12,2021·100 Gallon Fish Tank Stocking Ideas.There are only a few fish that you cannot keep in a 100 gallon aquarium.With a 100 gallon fish tank you have lots of room to come up with some truly creative aquascapes.Most marine fish need larger tanks in order to be happy and healthy.12 Best Tank Mates For Oscars (With Images) - AquaMar 24,2020·It is not necessary to keep tank mates in an Oscar fish tank.Oscar Fish can do just fine without any tank mates.Oscar fish have personality and keeping some tank mates with oscar fish is recommended to encourage social interactions.Ideally,you should keep other Oscars of the same size in the tank.16 Best Neon Tetra Tankmates To Choose From - Tetra Fish CareJan 07,2020·These fish do very well with community fish as they are calm in character.Plecostomus will help to keep your aquariums algae problem under control.Moreover,the Plecostomus fish will do great in a water temperature of 74° F to 80° F whereas they need a pH level between 7.0 and 8.0 and water alkalinity of 3° and 10° dKH.

20 Ideal Angelfish Tank Mates With Care Guide - Fish Tank

Tank size 100+ gallon; Common plecos are ideal angelfish tankmates especially when they are still young.This is because they are peaceful and slightly the same size as angelfish fish at this stage.However,as they mature,they become quite aggressive towards tank mates and ultimately grow to tank21 Best Guppy Tank Mates That Are Easy to Keep! - Fish The common pleco,or pleco in short,is a species of armored catfish that originate from of South America. Growing to an average size of 1.5 inches,mosquito rasboras are a good choice as a tank mate as they are of similar size and care levels to guppies.In the wild,they swim together in schools and as such should be kept together in 25 Great Neon Tetra Tank Mates (For Beginners) - Tiny Jan 14,2021·Clown Ple One of my favorite fish from my tank is the clown ple This fish has a quite interesting coloration and is a good tank mate for any peaceful community aquarium that doesnt have a lot of bottom dwellers.

3 Main Reasons to Have a Plecostomus In Your Aquarium

Jan 10,2021·This makes me add plecos to my dream list as one of the best aquarium fishes that are very easy to take care of.Here are the 3 primary reasons to have a Pleco in your Aquarium5 Tank Mates for Discus - Discus Fish Discus DirectThe discus fish can grow quite large,in some cases 10 inches,therefore,the aquarium size should be sufficient to accommodate not only your discus but also any suitable tank mates.If the tank is not large enough this could create an environment that creates stress and lead to bad water conditions if water changes are not done frequently.7 Best Guppy Tank Mates (2020 Update) + 2 Fish To AvoidOtocinclus is another type of catfish thats peaceful and can live in the same tank as guppies.These fish are also algae eaters,so they help to keep your aquarium clean.They are also schooling fish,so groups of six or more are best.Glassfish.These see-through fish are good mates for a guppy tank.They are non-violent and like to be in

8 Different Types Of Plecostomus - Rare Common

Plecos are compatible with most aquarium fish,although it would be better if the tank mates are roughly the same size as them.Large predatory fish may consume smaller pleco's or Otocinclus,ending in the catfish becoming stuck in the larger fish's throat.Large plecos can be mixed safely with smaller fish as they will not usually try to eat them.Are Angelfish Aggressive? (And The Reasons Behind It If there is another fish in the tank that equals the aggression of an Angelfish,this will cause and uptick in competition and fighting.This is why Angelfish should be the only dominant fish in a community tank.Insufficient Nutrients.If Angelfish arent getting enough to eat,they will eat other fish in the tank.Author Jen CliffordGold Nugget Pleco 101 Care,Tank Mates,Size More Mar 09,2021·Others will suggest tanks in the 150-gallon or even 200-gallon range.To be clear,if youre only planning to keep a single Gold Nugget Pleco,you do NOT need a 200-gallon aquarium! Ultimately,you need to judge the size you will require by how many freshwater fish you plan to keep overall.

Bristlenose Pleco 2021 Care Guide,Diet,Habitat and Breeding

Bristlenose Ple The Bristlenose Catfish is one of the smallest aquarium catfish and will grow up to an average of 3-5 inches.It has a wider head and is much shorter,fatter,and flatter than the Common Ple.They have a flattened body covered in bony plates,and as they reach maturity,they sprout tentacle-like branches from their head.The males tentacles are longer and more Bristlenose Pleco And Betta Fish Tank Mates -May 11,2020·Betta fish,especially the long-finned fancy variety,can be slow swimming,delicate fish.So,it can be challenging to find good tank mates for them.But,some fish are just fantastic tank mates to almost any other fish.So,betta fish keepers,let me introduce you to one of the hobbys perfect tank mates the bristlenose pleBristlenose Pleco Fish GuideHow to Keep and Breed This This pleco is preferred to others in the family (which includes common pleco)because of its smaller size (usually top out at around 5 inches) and ease of maintenance.The fish are also efficient algae eaters,and males have fleshy tentacles on the head which create a unique spectacle in home aquariums.

Bristlenose Pleco Fish Species Profile

Mar 11,2020·Any peaceful fish are fine tank mates for Bristlenose Plecos,and they can be kept together with other algae eaters,like snails or grazing fish.They are great for community tanks with species like Neon Tetras,Platys,Guppys,and more.Bristlenose Pleco Food,Lifespan,Types And Tank SizeJun 20,2020·Here is an article about Kuhli loach size,care,temperature and tank mates.Bristlenoses have bony armor that protects them from semi-aggressive and small aggressive fish,but if you choose to house them together,they will need to be carefully monitored.Bristlenose pleco tank sizeBristlenose Pleco Ultimate Care Guide Fish Tank JudgeThe Bristlenose Pleco is a great choice if interested in getting a Pleco for your Aquarium.Its very easy to keep and also helps to keep your tank clean.Read the guide below to learn more about how to care for them,feed them and which fish you should get as a tank mate for the Bristlenose.

Butterfly Pleco Care,Size,Breeding More Fish Laboratory

The minimum aquarium tank size for an adult butterfly pleco is 40 gallons.Juvenile specimen under 3 inches can be grown in a 20 gallon tank.Tank Mates.Tank mates for Butterfly plecos should be other similar-sized peaceful community fish.They should not be kept with aggressive fish that may harass them.Butterfly plecoClown Pleco Care Guide for Beginner FishkeepersAug 21,2020·Clown Pleco is a beautiful and most-sought-after aquarium fish.This guide will teach you the right way to take care and breed it properly.Also known as ringlet pleco,clown pleco is a lovely tiny fish belonging to the Loricariidae family,It is easy to care,hardy fish,and does well in freshwater aquariums.This fish is peaceful and features beautiful yellow stripes over the body.Clown Pleco Fish Complete CareJun 19,2020·Size of clown pleco The average clowns pleco is about 3 and a half inches long.Their max size is in the 4-inch range somewhere,but thats very rare.A number of factors (both controllable and non-controllable) can influence clown pleco size.Genetics are the primary two and the level of care

Clown Pleco Info with Care Details and Pictures

Jul 14,2020·Tank Mates Compatible with Ember tetra,pygmy corydoras,oscar,harlequin rasbora,white cloud mountain minnow,bristlenose pleco,gouramies,and cichlids Incompatible with Same-sex clown plecos and bigger aggressive species like red-bellied piranha,and giant wolffish Suitable Position in the Tank BottomCommon Goldfish Top 5 Care Tips (+ Tank Mates,Size Size.Common goldfish CAN reach a length of 12 or more when given access to lots of fresh water.But they dont have to.As discussed above,these fish have the ability to limit their growth under certain environmental conditions,some only reaching 4 or so.TemperatureCommon Pleco Care Diet,Size,Lifespan,Tank SizeSpecies SummaryCommon Pleco LifespanAppearanceAverage Common Pleco SizeCareFood DietBehavior TemperamentTank MatesBreedingConclusionLovingly referred to as a Sucker Fish in many circles,the Common Pleco (scientific name Hypostomus plecostomus) is a freshwater aquarium staple! These fish have been in the trade for decades and continue to captivate fish enthusiasts.The Common Pleco belongs to the Loricariidae family,which is a large group of armored catfish species.Originally,this species comes from South America.Specifically,they are abundant in countries like Brazil,the Guianas,and Trinidad and TobagoSee more on aquariumsourceEstimated Reading Time 7 minsComplete Plecostomus Care Guide - Authority Aquarium9 rows·Common plecos can grow very quickly and up to a very large size,therefore these plecos are

Common Pleco Keeping Tropical Fish

Nov 23,2011·Pleco size.The fish sold under the name Common Pleco in fish stores is normally no bigger than 5-10 cm (2-4 inches) but this doesnt mean that it will stay like that forever.Unfortunately,a lot of aquarists purchase fish without first finding out how big they can get as adults.Common Pleco Tankmates MonsterFishKeepersApr 09,2017·I have a roughly 16 inch common pleco an I am planning to do an overhaul of the tank he is in and give it some character.Right now it lives with a handful of tetras,but I was interested if discus can live alongside common plecos.From descriptions given,common plecos sound like viciousCompatible Tank Mates for Your Goldfish - Fancy Goldfish The fish to tank ratio to follow is 1 of fish per gallon of water.Just like puppies,fish dont stay little and grow into mature adults.And,of course,their size increases.If you get your fish young,they are going to grow bigger,so calculate their adult size when you use the fish to tank ratio.

Complete Guide for Royal Pleco Care - Best Fish Keeping

Mar 08,2021·Related Post Black Neon Aquarium Fish.Royal Pleco Aquarium Care.Proper tank set up is one of the most effective ways.As we already told,these fishes are quite huge,and they require big tanks.Here are some requirements that you should keep in mind while putting in the tank.The aquarium should be large enough to carry a minimum of 120 Estimated Reading Time 1 minPlecostomus Care Sheet - Aqueon Aquarium Products It's With so many species of suckermouth catfish to choose from,no matter what size aquarium or type of fish you own,there is one just right for you.For example,the common pleco,Hypostomus plecostomus,can grow to over 12 and will eventually need an aquarium of at least 75 gallons,while Otocinclus will be perfectly content in a 10-gallon tank.Estimated Reading Time 10 minsSpecies Minimum tank size (for adults) Common Plecostomus 150 gallons Bristlenose Plecostomus 25 gallons Gold Nugget Plecostomus 50 gallons 9 rows on authorityaquariumPlecostomus Complete Guide Species,Care,Tank Reviews 59Published Jul 28,2018Estimated Reading Time 8 minsPlecostomus Overview.The Plecostomus catfish,or Pleco for short,is a name used for theAppearance of Plecostomus.The majority of Plecos are brown in color; however certain speciesPlecostomus Habitat and Tank Requirements.The majority of Plecostomus are native to SouthPlecostomus Diet and Feeding.As you already have known most are sold as algae eaters whichPlecostomus Tank Mates.The first thing to bear in mind is that this fish is nocturnal.As aBreeding Plecostomus.Unfortunately not much is known about breeding Plecostomus,and evenIs the Plecostomus Right For Your Aquarium? (Summary) After reading this complete PlecostomusSee full list on fishkeepingworldPlecostomus Catfish Care Guide (Types,Tank Mates Diet)Dec 23,2020·The tank size is the most significant limiting factor when it comes to these suckermouth catfish.For instance,two common plecos require a 300-gallon (1136 l) tank.For the smaller types of plecos,you CAN keep them together.Youll want to have a higher ratio of females to males to limit some of the aggression,though.

Estimated Reading Time 6 mins10 Small Pleco Species (Under 4.3 in Adult Size) Aquanswers

Gold Spot Dwarf Pleco Parotocinclus Egmel.Maximum Body Size 2 inches orBristlenose plecos Ancistrus Growmaster22.Maximum Body Size overall species size isDwarf snowball pleco Hypancistrus Jerpules.Maximum Body Size 2.4 inches orRubber Lipped Pleco Chaetostoma Bot_Hive.Maximum Body Size 4.2 inchesAngelicus Pleco Hypancistrus cviles.Maximum Body Size 3.1 inches or 7.9 cm.Pitbull Pleco Parotocinclus mommytron.Maximum Body Size 2.4 inches,but usuallyQueen Arabesque Pleco Hypancistrus Redkite1997.Maximum Body Size 3.5Clown Pleco Panaqolus TheMedusasCascade.Maximum Body Size 3.1 inchesZebra Pleco Hypancistrus Cinder1977.Maximum Body Size up to 3.2 inches,butLeopard Frog Pleco Peckoltia Jfindley1595.Maximum Body Size up to 4.3 inchesCaring for the Plecostomus in the Freshwater TankJul 18,2020·This pleco is generally a peaceful species and fairly easy to care for in the home aquarium.Tiger Clown Plecostomus ( Panaqolus maccus ) Also known as the clown panaque or the clown pleco,this species is a dward loricariid which only growsEverything you Need to Know about The Gold Nugget Pleco Mar 27,2021·The Gold Nugget Pleco is a beautiful fish that is relatively low-maintenance.If youre looking to add an easy and stunning fish to your aquarium that gets along well with your other fish,the Gold Nugget Pleco is an excellent option.With some love and careGreen Phantom Pleco (L200) (Hemiancistrus subviridis As is common with most river fish,the Green Phantom Pleco (L200) is used to clean,well filtered water.Rivers tend to have large amounts of water flowing through them,often from mountain snow melt or underground springs,that keeps the water clean and free of built up organics and detritus.

How Big do Plecos Get? (You Won't Believe This!)

In this article,we talked about pleco fish growth.At first,I mentioned that pleco fish (not all of them) can grow up to 24 inches long.The most popular type that grows this big,is the Common Ple Also,I gave you some advice about the aquarium you need to house such big fish.How Fast Do Plecos Grow? - Help Us FishPlecos are a hardy species of aquarium fish capable of surviving varying environments.It has a relatively long lifespan of about 12 years if they live under suitable conditions.However,they usually grow to full size before their first five years.Common plecos grow fast in their first year,after which the growth rate slows down.How to Care for an Algae Eater CutenessThe common pleco is a voracious eater who will uproot plants,can grow to a whopping 2 feet in length and is best housed in a 50-gallon tank.Common plecos need an additional food source such as algae wafers or raw vegetation to avoid their dining on the slime on the bodies of tank mates.

Is My Pleco (sucker Fish) Blind? My Aquarium Club

If the guppy,goldfish and and rosy red are not tank mates,does that mean they do not live with the Pleco? And if he is living in a one-gallon tank,he's going to die,I think.No pleco can live for very long in so tiny a container.No matter how clean you try to keep it,it's just not big enough for any fish and certainly not a pleJaguar Cichlid Tank Mates A guide several examples of May 03,2020·Plecos are peaceful but tend to be large enough that jaguar cichlids will leave them alone.Sailfin plecos,on the other hand,grow to about 20 inches in length and tend to be aggressive,making them a good option as jaguar cichlid tank mates.Invertebrate Tank Mates.Invertebrates are generally considered to be poor tank mates for a jaguar Leopard Pleco,Pterygoplichthys gibbiceps,Sailfin Pleco This is a very hardy fish and the most common catfish used for getting rid of problem algae in the aquarium.They do wonders for managing algae growth in the aquarium,and a tank with a good algae crop also helps to keep them healthy and long lived.Leopard Plecos make very good community fish as they are peaceful with other tank mates.

Oscars Plecos Together,What They Don't Tell You

May 11,2020·In the the common pleco is fished and eaten,but the only way fisherman can get at the flesh is to go through the soft belly of the fish.The armored body is too much hassle to go at.But Arent Plecos Too Big To Fit In An Oscars Mouth? In the past,only the common pleco (which grows very large) was readily available in the hobby.Platy Fish (Xiphophorus Maculatus) Care,Maintenance,and Apr 29,2021·The Platy fish or Xiphophorus Maculatus is a widely kept species with many different color variations that have been developed through selective commercial breeding.The Platy is popular because it is easy to keep,does well in a wide range of tank schema,and is a great tank mate with its own or other species.Pleco Catfish - Habitat,Care,Feeding,Tank Size Mar 06,2020·Popularly known as Pleco,the Plecostumus catfish refers to the Loricariide family catfishes.There are over 150 different species in this family,ranging from peaceful to aggressive and from tiny to large catfish.Most beginner fish keepers assume that the Common Pleco is all that Pleco Catfish Habitat,Care,Feeding,Tank Size,Breeding read more »

Pleco Fish (Plecostomus) - Facts And Care Guide

Mar 21,2021·Common Pleco Set-Up Product and Equipment List.To set up a community tank for a single Common Pleco and a few aggressive cichlids,youll need 150-gallon or larger aquarium with a stand and cover/lid; High-quality canister and/or HOB filtration system(s) Any type of substrate ; Decors such as driftwood,sticks/branches,rocks and plastic plantsPlecostomus Suckerfish - Live Tropical Fish·Sucker fish like a well-decorated tank.Although they may interact with other fish in the tank,a pleco is most comfortable with plenty of places to hide.Minimum Tank Size 70 gallons Care Level Easy Temperament Peaceful Water Conditions 72°F and 86°F,pH 6.5-7.5 Diet Omnivore.Plecostomus Tank MatesPlecostomus Care A Complete Guide - Electric Blue About The PlecostomusKeeping PlecosFeeding PlecosTankmatesPlecostomus Care A RecapIn the wild plecos enjoy fast-flowing rivers and streams that feature a rocky substrate.The best tank environments for plecos,therefore,simulate this environment as closely as possible.Ideally with plecostomus care,they should be kept in at least a 20-gallonor to 30-gallon fish tank,depending on the species of ple The water should be kept at a temperature of 72 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit.To maintain the health of your plecos,be sure to provide adequate filtration.Canister filters are most recoSee more on caringforyourcrayfishbuddiesEstimated Reading Time 6 minsPublished May 21,2020Plecostomus (Pelco) Care Guide Species,Tank Setup,Tank Aug 20,2020·Common Plecos are 2-4 inches long when they are young,and soon theyll grow up to the size of 10-15 inches.As they grow,your small tank will not be enough for them.Youll need at least 150 gallons tank when they reach maturity.The water of the tank should be fast-moving,just like their natural habitat of the river basin.

Plecostomus Care SheetPlecostomus For Sale - Live Atabapo For Sale The iFISH Store

Scientific Name Dekeyseria sp.L52 Common Name Atabapo Butterfly Pleco,Atabapo Chameleon Pleco,Atabapo Flounder Pleco Adult Size 4-6 Habitat Colombia,Venezuela Rio Atabapo Ideal Tank Conditions Temperature Range 75.2-80.6°F pH Range 5.8 - 6.8 Hardness Range 1 - 25; Temperament Fairly peaceful when young,but can be territorial and rough with other Plecos asRoyal Pleco Care - Size,Life Span,Tank Mates,BreedingAug 06,2019·Aquarium Size 120 gallons (210 liters) or larger given their potential adult size.Mates Should do ok with other non-catfish species.May become territorial and aggressive with other catfish species.Fish Disease Freshwater Fish Disease.Diet / Foods They will eat wood (bog wood or driftwood) and vegetables (zuchini,cucumber,peas etc).

Royal Pleco Care Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine

Tank Size.Due to their large adult size,the ideal aquarium for royal plecos will be at least 125 gallons and preferably larger.I prefer to use tanks that are at a minimum 24 inches from front to back so that even full-grown fish will have room to turn around.Sailfin Pleco - Care Tank Size Male Female Feb 13,2021·Sailfin Pleco Care and Maintenance.Sailfin Pleco is a really giant fish,the minimal quantity for preserving one particular person is at the very least 250 liters.Coarse sand or small pebbles are appropriate as soil.It is beneficial to put in quite a lot of shelters within the aquarium caves made from stones,ceramic or plastic pipes.Scientific Name Hypostomus Plecostomus /various Maximum Size 24 Minimum Tank Size:150 Gallons Diet Algae,sinking pellets,algae wafers,ve Tank Mates Peaceful community fish 3 more rows May 25 2021Common Plecostomus Fish Care,Size,Tank Mates,and Was this helpful?How big of a fish tank does a plecostomus need?How big of a fish tank does a plecostomus need?This fish can grow up to 20 inches long,however,and it may become territorial and aggressive as it increases in size.Because the pleco has the capacity to grow so large,it is recommended that you keep this species in a tank no smaller than 75 gallons in capacity.Caring for the Plecostomus in the Freshwater Tank

Snowball Pleco Care The Complete Guide - Aquarium

Luckily,the fish is quite tolerant and readily adapts to life in captivity.With the right care,they can thrive in your aquarium! Average Snowball Pleco Size.The average Snowball Pleco size is around 5.5 and 6.3 inches in length when fully grown.Compared to other popular types of plecosTank Mates - BettaboxxThe first thing you should consider,however,is the size that the fish will grow to.We dont recommend keeping pleco with your betta if your aquarium is less than 40L.The smallest aquarium pleco available grows to a minimum length of 8 inches.Your betta and pleco will be happiest together in a large aquarium.

The 11 Best Angelfish Tank Mates (2021 Guide)

Jun 15,2019·Redtail shark is best for community tanks,but in this case,you need to select the other tank mates rightly as red tail sharks are not the best mate of Pleco and Cichlids.Redtail shark requires a large tank that is of 29 gallons and requires a temperature of 72 degrees F and 79-degrees F.The 7 Best Convict Cichlid Tank Mates - Aquarium TidingsAug 20,2020·The common pleco,a notable tank buster,is not a fish that the average person can keep.The minimum tank size for a common pleco is 100 gallons yes,thats the minimum size.But if you have a tank large enough for a common pleco,then these fish make great tank matesThe Best Tank Mates For Your Oscar Fish - Fish Life TodayMay 12,2021·The plecostomus is a very common aquarium fish,known for its ability to eat algae.Many people purchase them to help clean their tanks.They are great Oscar tank mates as long as you keep several things in mind.First,plecos have sharp spines on their fins which can kill your Oscars.

The Ultimate Bristlenose Pleco Care Guide Fish Keeping

Mar 09,2021·Bristlenose Temperament Suitable Tank Mates.The Bristlenose Pleco is a brilliant fish for beginner fish keepers thanks to their peaceful and sociable temperament.You can successfully house Bristlenose Plecos with most other fish in a community tank.Their hardy nature also allows them to feel comfortable in a wide variety of tank conditions.What fish can live with betta fish? - Aquatic Veterinary Jun 01,2021·Plecostomus.Plecos are another common tropical pet fish species.However,not all fish marketed as Plecos are the same.There are many different varieties of Plecostomus,with some growing up to THREE FEET long! Stick to smaller species so they do not outgrow their tank,unless you are planning on a BIG tank for BIG fish.

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